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Transform your career with online, group Career Sprints to get more of what you want from work. Because you deserve better Mondays.



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What Is A Career Sprint?

We often want to make change but don't know how. The hard truth is most of us follow outdated rules and assumptions that hold us back. 

Sprints are dynamic, 4-week, online career challenges to fit your lifestyle, led by award-winning trainers to help you solve for what's next.

Get Unstuck, Get Moving

Follow a fun, step-by-step guide designed to avoid the anxiety of solving for everything at once. Gain direction, get small wins, and discover unexpected opportunity.  

Give, Get, Win

Gain the strength and camaraderie of making change together. Enjoy unlimited access to a global online community to crowdsource advice, resources, and connections that supercharge your Sprint outcomes. 

All-Star Trainers

Your Sprint is supported by amazing trainers who will challenge and motivate you. Connect with trainers in our online chat community and join weekly group lessons for guidance and support to help you stay on track.

"If your deepest desire is to remain indefinitely in a career that grates on your nerves or stifles your self expression, simply adhere to conventional wisdom."


Herminia Iberra, London Business School & Author of Working Identity

4-Week Sprint Cycle

Career Sprints flip conventional wisdom and help you make smart moves quickly in a four-step test and learn cycle. With new sprints every month, you level up with new discoveries, new connections, and greater confidence.


Starting is more important than being right. Sprints use fun activities to define what you want or are stuck on, then sets you up for success.


Follow the steps in your Sprint solve your challenge in a way that makes you excited, aims for small wins, and invites serendipity.


Share what you create in a way that invites authentic connections so that the right people can help you make your career goals happen.


Evaluate what you learned  and leverage new insights and connections to start your next Sprint and build on your momentum.

“Overall it was fantastic and has transformed my mindset when it comes to the traditional job hunt and in my case, a career pivot. I’m far more enthusiastic about the process than before.”        – Graham

“I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody who is feeling lost or confused about what direction they want to take in their career. They help you frame things in a more simple way to focus on what’s most important to you. I leave feeling inspired and ready to take charge of my job search and my career.”         – Renee

They created the structure and excitement for this whole group of people to find the tangible next steps in their careers and help their peers along too.”        – Caroline

$99 Career Sprint Challenge

Join your first Sprint and connect with our award-winning team to get more of what you want from your career. 

Next Sprint Starts Monday Feb 4th.