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Win At Work

A community for career rebels led by all-star coaches who help you get unstuck and solve for what’s next.


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Smarter Careering.

The way we do careers is broken. The hard truth is that we follow outdated rules and assumptions that undermine our career potential while coaches and mentors are often out of reach. 

We are here to make smarter careering available to more people. Come learn refreshingly fun tactics to conquer uncertainty with a bias toward action and shared learning. Here’s how it works:

Your Pocket Coach

Enjoy unlimited access to weekly lessons, step-by-step courses, and Q&A with coaches; all from your smarty phone. Learn how to gain clarity and overcome obstacles and career myths no matter where you are starting from.

Give, Get, Win

Join an online professional community invested in your success. Tune-in to live office hours and crowdsource the advice, resources, and connections to test-drive career changes without taking big leaps.

"If your deepest desire is to remain indefinitely in a career that grates on your nerves or stifles your self expression, simply adhere to conventional wisdom."


Herminia Iberra, London Business School & Author of Working Identity

Time to Unlearn

The future of work is more fluid than ever. You can’t win with old thinking. The best jobs never land on job boards, your pretty resume is read by robots, and you’re stuck figuring out what you want anyway.

It’s time to unlearn the unreliable, un-fun, status quo rules. You need imaginative problem-solving that reliably produces the creative answers you need.

Activate Your Seeking System

Our brains have what neuroscientists call our seeking system. When active, our brain feeds a dopamine loop of learning and creativity.

Since activation comes from playful self-expression, experimentation, and self-purpose, it’s no surprise so many of us don’t feel alive at work.

Best Monday Ever stokes your seeking system with short, social, test-and-learn experiments for career discovery.

“Overall it was fantastic and has transformed my mindset when it comes to the traditional job hunt and in my case, a career pivot. I’m far more enthusiastic about the process than before.”    – Graham

“I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who is feeling lost or confused about what direction they want to take in their career. They help you frame things in a more simple way to focus on what’s most important to you. I leave feeling inspired and ready to take charge of my job search and my career.”     – Renee

They created the structure and excitement for this whole group of people to find the tangible next steps in their careers and help their peers along too.”     – Caroline


Smarter careering, Netflix prices.

Make a career pivot, start a side-hustle, or level-up in the job you have and love; no matter where you are starting from.