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Time to Unlearn

The best jobs never land on job boards, your pretty resume is read by robots, and you’re stuck trying to plan for a future that hasn’t been invented yet. You can’t win with conventional thinking.

It’s time to unlearn the unreliable, un-fun, status-quo rules. You need imaginative problem-solving that reliably produces creative answers for what’s next.

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Let go of linear career planning with a series of short activities to find inspiration for when you don’t know what you want next.


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Scared Stiff

We teamed up with HR innovator and certified Dare to Lead Facilitator Dorothy Mankey to help you understand the voices that hold you back from making courageous moves in your life.

“Overall it was fantastic and has transformed my mindset when it comes to the traditional job hunt and in my case, a career pivot. I’m far more enthusiastic about the process than before.”  – Graham

“I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who is feeling lost or confused about what direction they want to take in their career. They help you frame things in a more simple way to focus on what’s most important to you. I left feeling inspired and ready to take charge of my job search and my career.”  – Renee

“They created the structure and excitement for this whole group of people to find the tangible next steps in their careers and help their peers along too.”  – Caroline

“I want to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to articulate and put out there my intention. It’s been in the making for at least 3 years now and you helped me put my ideas into action since that day. You truly have made a significantly positive impact in my life.”  – Danielle

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