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We are rethinking career change to match the future of work.

Career Planning Is Dead

Whoa, that’s an aggressive introduction. But it’s true.

Planning is how we try to find comfort in predicting the future. It turns out we’re really bad at it.

1. The future is more fluid than ever. Industries are evolving at an accelerated pace of job creation and destruction.

2. Now account for unplanned changes, like your health and relationships, and add deepening economic insecurity and its no wonder career planning is so stressful.

3. Perhaps the biggest blindspot in a planning approach is the importance of luck. The hard truth is that we are far from a true meritocracy. Recent studies show that luck is as important as talent and hard work.

We made BME to help you attract luck with smarter, funner tools so you can make career change in an unplannable future. Simply put, to win at work requires a shift from planning to career discovery



1.  We believe career change can be delightful.

2.  Reliable career guidance should not be out of reach due to limited means or size of network.

3.  We challenge the boring, unreliable status quo ‘rules’ and invite you to do the same.

4.  A test-and-learn career discovery practice wins over career planning.

5.  Ideas get better when shared. That’s why we make our content copy-right free.

6.  Everything is an experiment. Bring on the weird ideas!

Team BME

A ruckus making, rule breaking team passionate about helping you crush barriers to career change.

Spencer Ingram

Your BME host and author of the Looping Method. Spencer previously founded the career accelerator HackCville and has spent the past decade using design practices to unlock the potential in ambitious students, nurse innovators, and impact entrepreneurs around the globe.

Favorite Drill: Instagrammed

Favorite Loop: Pod Save Career

Brian LeDuc

Brian LeDuc has spent his career focused on how Universities and students adapt to the new and emerging realities of higher education and work. He is currently Designer-in-Residence at the University of California San Diego, co-founder of BME, and co-author of the Looping Method. 

Favorite Drill: Anchors to Rockets

Favorite Loop: Cheat Sheet

Eilis Wasserman

There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart -pursue those. Eilis is a higher ed & freelance career coach focused on cultivating confidence and inspiring self-discovery. She is passionate about working with introverts & promoting remote work/flexibility in one’s work life.

Favorite Drill: Five Cent Stand

Favorite Loop: Haiku High Fives

Chris Federer

Chris is a BME instructor and a ‘farmer of collaboration’ thanks to his natural tendency to explore, connect, and host experiences to help people break through their challenges.  He has spent his career facilitating Experiential Learning programs in a spectrum of industries and loves helping people discover new exciting opportunities.

Favorite Drill: Back Talk

Favorite Loop: Shoot For Love

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