A Rad Collaboration

Meet our social impact side. We share BME memberships with nonprofits on the frontlines of helping people through career transition.

“A dozen people who attended Spencer’s workshop have approached me to express excitement at using the Looping technique to help them break through the toughest problems they are having in their job search. They are ready to do a Loop on the spot!”

Sunil Chitre, Director of HiredTexas 

What You Get

Modern Learning    

Add the BME Learning Lab courses and lessons to your organization’s resources and expand your networking capacity with our national career changer community. 

Gain Superpowers

Your team is invited to join our instructor community and learn dynamic new career change practices. Use our copyright-free tools and step-by-step workshops to support your organization. 

Zero Cost

Yes, you read that right. We provide BME memberships at no cost to your people or your organization.

We’ve met incredible communities around the country operating on passionate volunteers and slim budgets. 

Sharing our platform is a simple capacity building gift to help you deliver more impact. 

Who It’s For

Job Clubs

Your club is a critical safety net for unexpected career change. Amplify your services with online courses and fresh meetup activities.  


Professional Groups

Connect with young professionals hungry to level up, but feeling lost about what to do next. Add career support with a turn-key platform.  


Alumni Centers

Show alumni you are the go-to resource who is looking out for their future. Strengthen your career services offering without spending a dime.


Education Centers

Continuing education is more important than ever for millions of adults, most of whom will never set foot on campus. Meet them where they are with rich online resources. 


“With a future of work that is more fluid than ever, every organization will need to be a career-building organization.”

Spencer Ingram, BME Cofounder 

Let’s Connect

Schedule a time to view a demo and learn more about becoming a nonprofit partner. 


Do you have membership limits?

We start your organization with up to 50 memberships. We can share more when these seats are filled. 

Will you host workshops with my org?

In some cases yes, but most often workshops are quite expensive with travel, organizing, and facilitation. We believe your money is better spent hosting your own workshops with all the free activities and examples provided to your staff. We’ll help get you started 🙂 

Do memberships expire?

Memberships do not expire. New subscribers have access for life. However, we reserve the right to remove any members for offensive behavior.

Do you collect member data?

We do not collect any data that isn’t voluntarily submitted through surveys to evaluate our services and better serve members.  Additionally, BME is built so that members may remain anonymous when participating in online discussions or asking questions. 

Can we sell BME memberships?

In some cases, we recognize that a revenue source for your org is more impactful than free benefits. We are happy to evaluate if this is a good fit.